About us

     Amarantest Ltd. in the market of forwarding services since 1991. The company offers a full range of services for the organization and transportation of various cargoes from anywhere in the world by any means of transport. Formation of optimal routes allows us to minimize the expenses of the Customer for transportation, as well as make it more secure.


     The aim of our work – most free clients (owners, consignors or consignees of goods) from any problems and difficulties associated with transportation, registration, customs clearance, insurance and the safety of their products by taking on the full range of organizational issues on logistics in the movement of commodity flows .


Our clients:

     Our clients are Russian and foreign companies of all sizes and activities, which for the period of cooperation has become for us and friends.
From many companies we have received and obtain letters of recommendation in gratitude, with which you can see on request.
We will be glad to see you among our customers!

     The company’s philosophy: The most complete customer satisfaction in service. Business successes of our partners, high motivation of our employees – leading to the successful development of the company.
      Territory Transportation and freight forwarding to / from Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Russia and CIS countries.

     Employees of our company will develop for you in the shortest time the most profitable freight transport schemes, offer the best options for species and types of vehicles, the routes of delivery, will provide technological unity of transport and storage process. We are able to find exactly those roads that lead our clients to success.

      Company Amarantest pleased to offer you transportation services from design, oversized and hazardous cargo, including in remote and inaccessible places. Experienced specialists will analyze the route and the nature of the cargo and develop an optimum plan for transport ,taking into account all your wishes.

     Development of individual transport schemes of transportation, the most profitable
the ratio of the cost, timing and reliability of delivery.
Combined transport of goods by all modes of transport, including rail, sea / river, road and air transport.Export and import traffic between Russia and any country in the world.Delivery of 20 and 40-foot containers.