Types of logistics

      Procurement logisticsthe process of providing the enterprise with material resources, the allocation of resources in the warehouses of the enterprise, storage and delivery into production.Международные-грузоперевозки-290x217
      Industrial Logistics Materials Management, while passing through its production units, moving from the primary source of raw materials to finished products.
      Distribution logisticsa complex of interrelated functions included in the distribution of material flow between the various wholesale purchases, ie in the wholesale trade.
      Transport logistics management of cargo transportation.Information logistics – the part of logistics, which is the link between supply, production and marketing of products and organizes the data flow, which accompany the material flow in the process of being relocated.


     Production Planning enables to reduce time, improve customer service, increase hardware utilization, reduce costs and efficiently use
methods to improve the economic transport for the rational organization of transport and through the concerted action of logistic processes in the management, control the transportation, storage, and other tangible and intangible transactions occurring in the process of bringing raw materials to the manufacturing plant and finished products according to consumer interests and demands.